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Recreation Opportunities


Floating the River


The large size of the Allegheny River and the constant release of water

from Kinzua Dam make the river canoeable all year long. The river can

accommodate small, shallow-draft, powered, and non-powered craft.

The Allegheny is excellent for novice and family canoeing and kayaking.

With leisurely paddling, a canoe or kayak can travel about 2 to 3 miles

per hour.


Be sure to boat only at water levels appropriate for your capabilities,

and never when the river is high or flooded. Trail use is not

recommended when river flow levels at Kinzua Dam are more than

5,000 cubic feet per second (CFS) for canoes and kayaks, and more than

8,000 CFS for power boats, or when water temperatures are below

55 degrees. Contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Kinzua Dam

outflow information. 


There are a number of liveries along the river and they can also provide

helpful information on current river conditions. All access points are

indicated on the map. Some of these access points are “primitive,”

indicating they are more suitable for canoes and cartop boats.




                                                                   Camping is permitted on any National Forest lands (island or shoreline),

                                                                   designated Cranberry Township lands, Venango County islands, at

                                                                   Dotter on land owned by the Allegheny Valley Conservancy, and at the

                                                                   Kennerdell Tract of Clear Creek State Forest. Camping is not permitted

                                                                   on state game lands. Suitable sites might be limited at times because of

                                                                   wet areas or very dense vegetation.



                                                                   Public lands available for camping are indicated on the map. Islands

                                                                   colored purple are part of the Allegheny Islands Wilderness, where the

                                                                   use of motorized or mechanized equipment is prohibited. When                                                                                 locating National Forest lands from the water, look for occasional U.S.                                                                         Forest Service boundary signs on trees around the perimeter.

Allegheny River Kayak
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