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Respect the Privacy and Rights of Landowners


Although much of the river trail has a national Wild and Scenic Rivers designation, most of the shoreline along the river trail, as well as the islands, are in private ownership. Respect the privacy and rights of landowners by obtaining permission before entering any privately-owned land. Avoid loud and boisterous behavior. Remember that sound carries across the water much louder than on land. Many of the landowners enjoy the peace and solitude overlooking the river from their decks and living rooms, so please  share the same courtesy that you would appreciate for yourself.





















Cautions and Water Hazards


Being on the water will be safe and fun as long as you stay alert for dangers. Rocks that pose a danger are not always visible above the water. Those that are just under the surface can cause damage to a boat and can flip small watercraft.


Strainers are are items in the water which block passage of solid objects, but let water flow through. Typically, these are trees that have fallen in the water. Strainers are extremely dangerous and can trap and flood boats or pin a person underwater.


Water current should not be underestimated. Moving water can be extremely powerful! Cold water can also be extremely dangerous if a person is suddenly immersed, causing cardiac arrest or inhaled water. Use extreme caution if on the water when the water is still cold. Dress appropriately and remember that it is the law for everyone to wear a life jacket from November 1st through April 30th while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak.


Other boaters can pose a danger if you are not alert. Avoid collisions and conflicts by keeping a watchful eye on other water trail users.


The weather forecast can change quickly in western Pennsylvania, so be sure to check the forecast and head for land, trying to find safe shelter if a storm pops up. 

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Group of Kayakers on the Allegheny River
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