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Boating Regulations

If you are planning to enjoy the Wild and Scenic Allegheny by watercraft, be sure you appropriately follow regulations:
















One wearable, Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD, or life jacket) in serviceable condition and of the appropriate size is required for each person in your boat. If your boat is 16 feet or longer, one throwable device (seat cushion or ring buoy) is required. Canoes or kayaks, regardless of length, are not required to carry a throwable device.


PFDs must be worn by all children 12 years and younger on all boats 20 feet and less in length while underway, and on all canoes and kayaks. Others are strongly encouraged to wear a PFD at all times on the water.


All boats must display an anchor light (a white light visible 360 degrees all around) when at anchor between sunset and sunrise. Boats can use a lantern or clip-on battery-powered unit to meet this requirement.


All powered boats must show running lights between sunset and sunrise. Between sunset and sunrise, unpowered boats must carry a white light (visible 360 degrees all around), installed or portable, ready to be displayed in time to avoid a collision.




















All boats are required to carry a sound-producing device, some mechanical means of making a sound signal audible for a half-mile. Athletic whistles meet this requirement.


All motorboats using PA Fish & Boat Commission access areas must be registered. Valid registration from another state is honored for up to 60 days for un-moored boats. Launch permits issued by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources allowing unpowered boats to launch at state park lakes are also valid for use at PA Fish & Boat Commission accesses. The Fish & Boat Commission issues launch permits in lieu of registration for unpowered boats.


Operating watercraft, including canoes, kayaks and rafts, under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. This law is strongly enforced for user safety.


For further information on boating regulations, contact the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission.

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